Pizza Dough Calculator. Easily calculate your next pizza recipe.

1) Pick the amount of pizzas you want to bake and your desired final dough weight. The weight depends on the size of your oven.

2) You can optionally select the hydration of your dough or use the default 60%. This value depends on your flour.

3) Calculate your perfect pizza dough.


Typically the pizza dough weighs between 200 and 280 grams. For a home oven 250 grams is a recommended size. Change this value depending on the size of your oven.

A real Neapolitan pizza consists of only flour water and salt. Traditionally sourdough has been used. Sourdough requires more advanced dough handling. Thus for beginners the yeast based dough is recommended. When making a sourdough pizza a stiff sourdough starter is recommended as it will boost the yeast rather than the bacteria. This allows for a longer leavening time.

The key is to have all the ingredients in the exact quantity. To calculate how much of each ingredient is used "Baker's Math" is applied. This means the ingredients are calculated based on the amount of flour that you are using. So lets say the ingredient would say 60%, that would mean per every 100 grams of flour you need to add 60 grams of water. This way you can easily scale up the amount of pizzas that you want to bake.

The process

This flowchart shows you the full process of making a dough from start to finish.

Neapolitan pizza flow chart


You can read the full written recipe including detailed instructions here.

There are also 2 videos showing the full process. One video focuses on making a great yeast based pizza dough. The second video focuses on making sourdough pizza.

Lastly if you have a question you can join our discord server. It's a great place to meet likeminded bakers.

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